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Established in 2010, SFC is a cottage based gourmet bakery & catering business in the heart of the Inland Empire. Cottage based means, I get to work out my home kitchen, which is licensed and inspected by the City and County.

Now my love for food started at the ripe age of 6, along side of my grandmother, Mamie in her Southern kitchen. I was her little sous chef, always prepping and chopping things all the while learning the building blocks of the art of cooking.


Simply Fancy Cuisine comes out of that art of cooking and the love of sharing my culinary creations with others.  My friends would ask me about meals I prepared and if I had a recipe written down somewhere, which I didn't. So, I started writing, jotting down every ingredient and each step. Little did I know it, but I had started writing my 1st cookbook, SFC: International Cuisines. Later that same year, I penned my 2nd cookbook, SFC: Just Desserts.

Completing the task of testing recipes and writing my cookbooks gave me a little satisfaction, but something was missing.

I wanted to see the expressions on peoples faces as they enjoyed my food. So, I started preparing the meals and desserts found in my books and selling my wares at local farmers markets.

Hence, the circle of creativity is complete and SFC was truly born. 


Redlands, CA 92374

Mon - Fri: 9am - 5pm

           ​​Sat: 8am - 11am

   Sun: Closed


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The Commuter

Is a Savory Scones, chock full of cheese, bacon and chives all surrounding a soft boiled egg.